5 Benefits of Travelling

Why do people travel?

The answer is simple: we love it!

We enjoy the slow and peaceful breakfasts, the long walks, the new experiences, places, people and memories. They make us feel happy we are alive. No wonder! Travelling seems to combine most of the habits of people.

What are the advantages of travelling? Why is travelling important?

Scientists have proven that travelling is good for both your body and your mind! Perhaps this is why we love it. Because we feel that a few minutes in the sun improve our mood.

When you travel, you:

1. Achieve peace of mind

Most of us live in the city. Our daily routine involves navigating through urban landscapes on crowded public transport in chase of our busy schedules. Travel is your cure!

Travelling can disconnect you from your daily routine. Once you break the repetitive pattern, pack your bags and hit the road, your mind can reset. Seeing new places, meeting new people, overcoming various challenges may even help you appreciate what you have left behind. It can help you take a step back and think about things and people you miss. You can get a better perspective on your life and remember all the good things.

Travelling lets you live life for its own sake!

2. Enhance your creativity

One of the biggest benefits of Travelling is that it takes you out of your comfort zone. Especially if you are travelling to a place you have never visited before, everything seems fresh and new. You see new landscapes and experience vivid colours. You hear new music, people speak an unknown language in the streets, which overflows with the new scents smells. The smell and the taste of new food... Even the small challenges are welcome. How do you hold chopsticks? How do you bargain at the market? How do you find your way around?

Travelling introduces novelty to your brain and improves cognition. Once you face new challenges, you need to be resourceful to find a solution. New connections are created in the brain as a result, and they engender new original thoughts.

3. Improve your communication skills

Are you a fan of international travel? Do you prefer remote and exotic locations?

Then you have probably been to places where your native language is not spoken. Sometimes you need to be quite ingenious when trying to relate with the locals. At one point you realise that every attempt to find a place or buy something involves a lot of pointing and gesturing. But gradually you pick up words. Izquierda, mañana, dim sum, bossa nova, sushi, pastrami, gelato. Most of these you can smell, hear, taste and feel!

Meanwhile, you are also learning a lot about a new way of life, a new culture. You may even find new friends and expand your real-life social network. Especially if you are a fan of couchsurfing.

Another advantage of travelling is that it also makes you interesting. Once you get back home, everyone will want to hear about your adventures and the new friends you found, or hear the new words you’ve learnt.

4. Broaden your horizons

How do we meet the world? Books, the Internet, TV news and documentaries tell us about distant countries, people and their way of life. However, a TV report presents to you someone else’s point of view and may very well narrow your perspective instead of broadening your mind.

Travelling the world and meeting people living in different conditions and treating life differently is what really teaches you about the world. Once you actually go and visit, you may even challenge your own opinion about less known places and cultures.

5. Boost your confidence

Travelling to new lands has its benefits but it also comes with its challenges.

I’ve heard my share of stories. A huge bull blocking the narrow mountain path you have taken. A rickshaw man takes a side street and suddenly you find yourself in a gloomy slum. You ask the locals for directions and they take you to the neighbourhood chief. that you are alone in an unknown place. You cannot rely on friends and relatives, or even on your language skills.

This is why how travelling forces you to be resourceful and teaches you how to cope with obstacles. Overcoming various challenges turns the story into and adventure and boosts your confidence. You even feel better prepared for the challenges waiting for you back home.